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It Can Wait: Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

Tempted to just send a quick SMS saying you’re on the way? Don’t. No text is worth your life. Take the pledge. Don’t Text and Drive. #itcanwait Taking our eyes off the road and our hands off the wheel to send or read a text, email, comment, post, tweet, is an unnecessary risk. The Department of […]

Texting: A Tragic Love Story & the Loss of the Spoken Word

Everyone knows that phones are for texting. How many calls do you ignore but would have engaged if they sent a text instead? Remember those good old days when we all used to sit around in the parlor and snipe cleverly to each other’s faces? Remember when we used to spend hours (and $$) making […]

Disable Letter Popups on Android for Better Keyboard Performance

If you’re as surprised as I was to find that sometimes the stock Android keyboard can be really unresponsive (like about a half second delay between touching the screen and the input ‘registering’)., try this. Turns out disabling the letter popup dramatically improved keyboard performance, typing feels perfectly natural now. It’s a really easy setting […]

Do you have Text Neck?

Discomfort and muscle pain from texting has become so common that it now has a name: “Text Neck,” and there’s even a medical institute that specializes in treatment. Dr. Dean Fishman adopted the phrase and changed the name and focus of his practice after seeing a huge influx of younger patients visiting his chiropractor facility […]

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