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Is Google Maps Draining Your Battery?

The battery on my Android doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to. I noticed that Maps is using up most of my battery power. It’s the Google Latitude service that does it. That neat part of the Google Maps app that lets your friends know exactly where you are.  All that updating of your […]

Tired of your phone/tablet dying? 3 Reasons why the Powerocks Magicstick Backup Battery Charger is awesome

  I think we can all agree that phone manufacturers need to get with the program and stop focusing on making phones the size of a box of cereal, and instead beef up the battery capacity. Until that day comes, at least you can charge up your devices on the go without being tethered to […]

Free Ad-Supported Apps = Battery Killer

Filed under “you get what you pay for,” researchers at Microsoft tested the energy consumption of various apps on Android and Windows Phone (iOS restrictions kept them from testing the iPhone) and found that up to 75% of an app’s energy use goes to power the advertisements in free, ad-supported apps. The numbers may not […]

Six Tips to Save Your Cell Phone This Winter

Winter is in full effect, and even though it’s been pretty mild for us here in Indiana so far, it’s getting pretty cold now. While I do travel with my gadgets quite a bit, I’ve learned that cold weather is not always tech-friendly. You may not realize it, but freezing temps can be just as […]

Why is My Cellphone as Hot as the Surface of the Sun?

  You are loving your new smartphone. Of course you are. But sometimes it gets really hot in your pocket—like surface-of-the-sun hot. I’m sure you’ve thought what we’ve all thought:  Is there something wrong with it? Why does it get so hot, and how can I make it stop? First of all, this is normal […]

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