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Ridiculously Detailed Traffic Info for Those Long, Painful Drives

iOS/Web: If you need a bit more info on traffic than your navigation app can give, Sigalert provides you with color-coded maps, detailed information about traffic flow, camera feeds, and up-to-date information about accidents and road construction. Most navigation apps will navigate you based on the flow of traffic, and even show you where slowdowns are […]

Google Drive is Here with 5GB of Free Dropbox-Like Storage

Google Drive, an almost mythological rumored web-based file storage tool, launched today.  Google describes it like this: “…a place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff. Whether you’re working with a friend on a joint research project, planning a wedding with your fiancé or tracking a budget with roommates, you can do […]


New Ways to Name that Tune

If you’ve ever used SoundHound (or its arch rival Shazam), chances are good you were holding your phone out to identify a catchy song whose name you didn’t know. Now the company is introducing Hound, SoundHound’s little sibling, but one with a slightly different identity… singing not required.

Winning Android Market Comment Of The Day Goes To…

So I was reading some posts on Reddit to find out what you lovely phone lovers are up to today, and I came across this gem. Today’s winning comment from the Android Market goes to… this guy (above). Apparently, Dan doesn’t understand that when you install a launcher replacement from the Market and change your […]

11 Steps to Revert your Device Back to the Old Android Market

So you finally got updated to the latest version of the Android Market and not digging it? Can’t find anything you want? Look like crap on your device? It does take some getting used to. But for those that just can’t stand it, thankfully there’s a way to go back to the old version of […]

How to play iTunes on a Google Android device

Got a new Google Android phone or Google Android tablet? You probably want to play all your music and video on it, but if you’re an iTunes user, you’ll find it’s not as simple as transferring your iTunes account. DoubleTwist is an app for Android smartphones that allows you to access anything in your iTunes […]

Create eBay Listings From Your Phone

Looks like eBay finally got the message that their app should be able to, you know… LIST items for sale on eBay. Novel concept, I know. Despite dragging their feet, they have actually enhanced the mobile experience to slightly top the desktop version by offering features that aren’t even available to the non-smartphone user. Read […]

Starbucks Brews Up an Android App

Starbucks recently released a version of its mobile application for the Android platform. The Starbucks Card Mobile App takes advantage of the Starbucks Card platform, and will allow users to charge coffee purchases at 6,800 Starbucks coffee shops and 1,000 Target stores. The app also lets Android users manage their account, reload their card, check […]

Did You Know Your Phone Could Do This?

I’m getting ready to suggest to someone that we upgrade the name of smartphones to brilliantphones. I just have to figure out who that someone is. Anyway, as much as I know about smartphones, some things still amaze me regarding what they can do. I am going to talk about 2 free apps with add-ons […]

Nightmare Over: You Can Now Mow Your Lawn from an iPhone

We’ve all been there. Does this sound familiar to you? You’re at work and you realize you forgot to mow your lawn. You rush home in a panic. You miss several important meetings—or meetings that your company considers important, yet you’ve calculated how much it’d cost to build a lifelike dummy of yourself that lives […]

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