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Instagram for Android!

Instagram for Android!

The wildly popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram,  is finally getting close to making good on their long time promise to make their app available on Android devices.  In case you are unaware of all the photo-goodness that is Instagram, it is known for its retro filters,  and is a really fun way to share photos, especially if you’re […]

Free Ad-Supported Apps = Battery Killer

Filed under “you get what you pay for,” researchers at Microsoft tested the energy consumption of various apps on Android and Windows Phone (iOS restrictions kept them from testing the iPhone) and found that up to 75% of an app’s energy use goes to power the advertisements in free, ad-supported apps. The numbers may not […]

Google Kills the Android Market, Literally.

Google announced yesterday that ‘Google Play’ is the permanent replacement for the Android Market. This single, unified distribution channel for movies, books, music and apps rolls up all of Google’s media marketplaces in to one location. Perhaps most notably, Google Play will replace the Android Market as a discovery, sales and distribution channel for Android apps. The company says […]